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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sea Kayaking and The Love of the Ocean

Yesterday, Trev and I went Sea Kayaking at the La Jolla Cove. It was one of the best experiences I've had. I, of course, love to go and do new things, so this was amazing. We borrowed Trev's good friend's kayak and we launched it at the cove. As we kayaked to the middle of the ocean, we stopped at the cliffs by the children's pool and watched the seals. To see them was amazing. We couldn't stop laughing as we watched them. One even popped up right next to our kayak and just stared at me. Haha, I was for sure it was going to launch right at our boat, but it just went right back under. We then went into a cave. It was low tide so we could see everything SO WELL. We didn't even need snorkels to see the fish under water. The cave was amazing. So silent. The only thing you could hear were the waves crashing on a little beach at the end of the cave. I wish I had a camera so bad. While in the cave you look back out the way you came and there's only a little pinch of light reflecting on the water. It's amazing. We'll definitely be doing it again soon. I recommend it to everyone!

Trev and I do so many things in the ocean. He is such a water guy. He's a beach lifeguard and has been in the water his whole life so I of course am now a water gal right along with him. Whenever I go near the beach or see the ocean, I immediately think Trevor, and I love that.

Here's a poem I just wanted to write up about the ocean. For me, a poem is the perfect way to expain how I feel.

The Ocean has taken my heart

And completely made a mark

The Beach has had a part

In making memories of you, love

Love, you have taken something so dull

And have given it life

Love, you’ve made the ocean something new

The beach a whole new view

Never will you leave my heart, love,

Because the mark is just to grand

The ocean is just too large

And the beach is just too small.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Be In Love

I never thought I'd be one of those girls who finds someone that they really do love at 18 years old. I also never though I'd be one of those girls who has to say good-bye to a guy leaving on a mission.

Love defined is just a strong or passionate emotion towards someone or something. It's simple to love anything, but to truly be in love with someone it takes so much more.

It takes you to love the other person more than yourself, and it also takes you to realize how lucky you are to have them.

I can't wait for him to go somewhere new and do something that I know he'll love,
but it's still going to be a rough few years without him.

Yeah, I'll meet other guys in college and I'll go on dates, but how could anyone top this guy? He's the most perfect guy you'll ever meet.

Gosh, I am one lucky girl. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The World

Everyday we live our typical lives. We walk the same paths, and we have the same job. We might even think the same thing at the exact same moment, everyday.

We are so small. The world is so big. As you take one step, think of how many things happened in that moment: a child is born, someone had their first kiss, someone wrote something down. You just cannot know how many things go on in the world everyday.

We truly are so small, in such a huge world.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I figured it out!

I figured it out!
For everyone to hear.
Love is something to always adhere.
Love is something you can't give up,
Even if circumstances make you want to all the time.
Love is to make you happy,
Feel the way you love to feel.
Don't doubt love for a second,
or else all chance of dreaming goes away.
Love brings good dreams
And good dreams bring happiness.
Therefore love must bring happiness!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Indecision is Horrible

Okay so sometimes it's easy to forget about someone. Someone that didn't have that big of an impact in your life. What if it's someone that did? Someone that changed you so much, and you fell in love with. I never thought it would be that hard to let someone go. If it is that hard, then should you actually let them go? I've tried many times to find someone better to replace them, but I never found one person. Until now. I am completely stuck between two guys. One live so far away that I'll never see him, but I love him. He is often busy, and we told eachother to date other people. The other guy is right here, living two blocks away from me. He is crazy about me, and I definatlty like him. Can i give away love that I can never see, and take someone I like, that I know has a slim chance of working out? Or should I keep this love I've had for so long, and enjoy it, but give up the chance of having someone who is always there for me, and lives so close? I am truly STUCK between these two guys.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just Some Creativity

how can you not get creative?
its an art.
its an emotion that you can't let pass.
it's a feeling that lets you think you can do anything.
I mean think about it
all you have to dois get inspired by one thing
And then you just keep going.

listen to a song
read a poem
look at a picture.
creativity can be poured out in all directions
even all at once
Sometimes its like blur

all in my mind
ideas that I can picture reality
its something you just cant help
something you want to express
let it go
let the feeling go
to all the artsy people.
this is to you.

Have you ever waited for a song to start
but you just get impatient
what if it’s a song you LOVE
How can you help but get impatient

you just want to hear the first note
almost like you mind is the speaker

have you ever turned on a song
and just found that it starts out loud and annoying
but turns into something beautiful
like something that gets stuck in your head all daybut to listen to the amazing part
you have to get passed the loud part

what about when you expect somethingbut its not what you expected
like a soft song to calm you down when you mad
but it turns out being this loud punk song
that turns out to calm you down better than a soft song could ever do